The tradition of Pasquetta Epifania

Progetto Finanziato dall'Unione Europea

It is an annual event, dear to the hearts of the people of Cassino.

The ancient and beloved tradition of the Easter Epiphany, the link with their own history

On the night of 5 January, the singers of the 'Vecchia Cassino' Association, wearing red and black cloaks, parade through the streets of the city, singing the song Pasquetta Epifania.

Every time it is heard, this song makes the hearts of the townspeople leap, creating a communal emotion without equal.

The Pasquetta Epifania hymn is a popular, simple and ancient song and is the only tradition that has been revived after the destruction of the war.

The choir takes the whole night to reach all the neighbourhoods, all the districts, to bring to every Cassino the announcement of the Epiphany, which with the arrival of the Befana marks the end of the festivities.

A song that arouses emotions, memories and confirms the sense of belonging to a territory.

The other song in the choir's repertoire, entitled 'Vecchia Cassino', written by Gino Salveti and set to music by Donato Rivieccio, dates back to the post-war period and is full of nostalgia for the city that no longer exists, but at the same time expresses and passes on the spirit of the people of Cassino, who rebuilt their city with heroic sacrifice, courage, trust and solidarity. For this reason it has become a warning and a lesson for everyone, especially the young.

«Addo’ si iutë tu, vecchia Cassinë,
cu chellë vie e chellë carruzzellë,
chigliu lacuozzë, chellë chianchetellë,
rendë Corte, la villa e gliu giardinë…

Addo’ si iutë tu, vecchia Cassinë,
e addo’ è fënuta tutta chella gente
che senza te s’è morta malamente
pecché n’te teneva cchiù vicinë!

“Nën cë pensassë cchiù… Fattë ‘stu brorë,
assàggiatë ‘sti beglië tagliarieglë,
‘sta bella trippa… sientë sie’ che amorë!”

Ma a me n’mmenetè. Sent’n addorë
che ve’ra nu luntanë caurarieglië…
E më magnassë mo’ sulë gliu corë!»