Historical parade "Terra Sancti Benedicti"

Progetto Finanziato dall'Unione Europea

During the celebrations in honour of St Benedict, around mid-March, the traditional historical procession takes place, with figures in 13th-century costumes.

At the time of Abbot Bernardo I Ayglerio (1263-1282), an ancient rite took place: the homage of the lords of the castles (the Rectors) to the abbey authority. The Rector of the "Curia major" of San Germano, accompanied by his lady and retinue, presents a candle "qui have da ardere su lo sacro monte" as a sign of homage and submission.

The notary reads out the formula of the oath of allegiance to the monastery and the Church, and the gonfalons of the ancient castles of the parade before the abbot. The ceremony is closed by medieval dances and a parade through the streets of the city, including the rite of the oath of allegiance of the militia and the setting up of the medieval merctino in the courtyard of the Curia building in Cassino.